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The goals for Copeland Sighthounds are to have Greyhounds and Whippets that are a pleasure to live with, beautiful to look at, as correct to the standard as possible, and who can run competitively with the best. Our hounds are pets. They play in the back yard, eat in the kitchen, sleep in our house, and watch TV in the family room. On weekends, they do what they were bred to do by competing for lure coursing and confirmation titles.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MBIF DC Classic Song Sung Blue MC FCh

Photo by Steve Surfman

Show Wins
Lure Coursing

"Zola" is an AKC Dual Champion in Confirmation and Lure Coursing.
She was Nationally Ranked # 12 in Confirmation Best of Breed point for 2008. She hold five Best in Field Lure Coursing wins in American Kennel Club and the American Sighthound Field Association competition.

Carolyn and I are very fortunate to have Zola. She was one of 11 puppies. All are wonderful greyhounds and six have outstanding accomplishments in the show ring and on the coursing fields:

6 - Confirmation Champions
2 - AKC Lure Coursing Field Champions
1 - American Sighthound Field Association Field Champion
2 - Dual Champions
1 - Best In Show
1 - Confirmation Group 3

1 - Multiple Best In Field - five (5) wins
1 - BOB Westminster KC 2007
1 - Nationally Ranked #9 Best of Breed 2008
1 - Nationally Ranked #12
Best of Breed 2008
1 - Award of Merit Eastern Specialty
1 - Master Courser
3 - Senior Coursers
1 - Junior Course
11 Greyhounds with pleasing temperaments and all a pleasure to live with

Please see the Family Photos of this outstanding litter of greyhounds and find out who is who!

Family Photos

Zola is professional handled in the show ring by Kim Tudor-Fredericks, Oxford, NJ.

Best Show Win in 2008


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